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Lease or Purchase

2010 Honda Civic

Lease or purchase? Last time I bought a car, before I started selling cars, I was offered a couple of payment options, an interest rate and term (length) of the loan. Why did no discuss leasing with me?

I attended a Honda Automobile Lease seminar today, four hours  and a very hard chair! The education I received was unbelievable! After ten years, I found out that there is a lease option, a short-term lease option at that for nearly any circumstance.

During the 1980s when leasing took hold in the Automobile Industry, there were few if any consumer protections for the leasee. Since then, there have been many protections and rules at the state and federal level to protect the consumer from fraud and non-disclosure. T.hus leasing got a really bad name.

Well, leasing is back, matter of fact, Honda vehicles offer the most competitive leases in the industry

When you purchase a car, you are buying the whole thing. When you lease, you are only paying for the part of the car that you are using! You actually protect you cash and reduce your risk. The best part of a lease, when the lease ends, walk away from the car and pick out another. If you want to know more, ask me!


ASCS National Sprint Tour

On Friday evening the ASCS National Sprint Car Tour hit Grays Harbor with a bang! 58 count em 58 360 sprint cars signed into the pits to break a record for the sprint car division fr the track. The racing was superb. The track stayed in racy shape well into the evening, taking rubber and getting a little dry slick by the time main event time arrived. The big money is tonight, with $10,092 to the winner of the 35 lap main event. Stay tune, I will have an update after tonight’s show.


My sincere apologies for taking so long to get to this update.

Saturday night was no disappointment, the track was fast and the racing was close, mater of fact it was too close. Pushing off for the first heat, one of the push trucks drove over the top of the 99 car and tore the car up a little. I looked at my wife and said, “It’s going to be a long night. It was.

With 6 sprint heats and the Ford Focus midget, it was long but gooood!

We managed to keep al wheels on the ground, for the most part until lap 17 of the Midget main when 2 of the young ladies got together, one did end over end cartwheel flips pretty much half of the front strech and the other did a barrel roll, a long one, one of the drivers was transported to the hospital for a check and released. The race was called on lap 17.

The Sprint main was Most Excellent, Jason Johnson was flat packin the mail, nobody, I mean nobody had nothin for that guy! As fast as I’ve seen a 360 sprint car at Grays Harbor! Mid race Jeff Bell did a flip in the front stretch and was transported to the hospital with some pretty serious injuries. He was supposed to be going home as of yesterday. Thank God he’s ok! Be a while to be 100% but ok. Then later in the main Wayne Johnson took a hard flip going int turn 3 and broke the torque tearing up his leg pretty bad, he was transported to Harborview and underwent surgery, they did save the leg , but recovery will be long.  It was a Fred Brownfield Memorial to remember! However it is one to give many thanks for as well!

Fred Brownfield RIP

Condolences to the friends and family of Mike Dunn 1974 graduate of Montesano High School.

Driving the Pace Truck


On Saturday June 12 my boss and I stood in for Stormy and drove the Whitneys Auto Group Honda Ridgeline  Pace Truck at Grays Harbor Raceway in Elma.

I have been to a couple of dozen track in 5 different states and Canada as bothpart of a pit crew and spectator, bu never had the opprotunity to assist in “putting on the show”.  Neither one of us had ever done pace truck duty before so we were a little timid at first. The track officals issued us a radio and gave some general instructions, then we were on our own. We had a blast! It gives a whole new perspective on what goes on behind the scenes at a sporing event.

Hybrid Cars and Tax Credits


Yesterday I was asked about federal tax credits how one may be eligible for when they purchase a Hybrid Car. So I did a little research and here’s what I found.

The federal government (IRS) will give a tax credit for qualifying vehicles,  hybrids and vehicles powered by alternative energy fuels such as natural gas and diesel. The credits are offered to encourage people to buy fuel-efficient and alternative fuel cars. Once a manufacturer’s vehicles sells a total of 60,000 eligible hybrid and diesel vehicles starting from January 1, 2006 the tax credit will phase itself out.  In addition to the phase out, any vehicle purchased after December 31, 2010 will not be eligible for the credit. The federal tax credits can be used only by the original owner and will not help the person who leases one of these vehicles. 

In essence, all the popular gas saving Hybrids have had their tax credits phased out. The Honda Civic and Insight, the Toyota Prius, the Ford Escape and Fusion have all had their tax credits expire.

What has not expired is the great value and fuel economy that  these vehicles produce. The savings is well worth the purchase price as these gas misers have dropped in price substantially since they hit the market about 10 years ago. For instance a 2010 Honda Insight 4 door Hatchback has an MSRP of just over $22,000. For comparison purposes, a 2010 Honda Civic EX  and the Ford Focus SEL both sell  for nearly $21,000. So next time you are car shopping, don’t leave the Hybrids out of contention just because the tax credit has expired.  The real incentive one receives is the fuel economy rated by .

Regular Gasoline
MPG Estimates from Drivers Like You
Average based on 15 vehicles.

How likely are you to purchase a Hybrid vehicle?

Did anyone make it to the ASCS Northwest Sprint Car event at Grays Harbor Raceway at Elma last Saturday?  With Rain all week, drying only in time for Saturdays event, the rack was as “tacky’ and soft as I have ever seen it. I talked to Stormy Glick, the pace truck driver about conditions trackside. I was asking about conditions in turn one as it was causing a lot of flips and crashes. He said it was so wet that the clay was sliding off itself and basically chunks of the surface were coming off the track. It was a great show, but tore up a few cars. Sundays event was a rain out, no rain date has been announced.

“A” Feature  Results (30 Laps):  1. 39c-Jason Solwold, 2. 7n-Jayme Barnes, 3. 2L-Logan Forler, 4. 11-Roger Crockett, 5. 40-Brock Lemley, 6. 98m-Mitch Olson, 7. 9p-Jared Peterson, 8. 0j-Jay Cole, 9. 23b-Colin Baker, 10. 76-Shawn Rice, 11. 11w-Shane Broers, 12. 19-T.J. Hartman, 13. 22-Garen Linder, 14. 23-Seth Bergman, 15. 72-Glenn Borden, 16. 57c-Chris Schmelzle, 17. 5d-Josh DeWitt, 18. 8r-Evan Funk, 19. 7a-J.J. Hickle, 20. 5k-Brian Kirkpatk.

Auto finance, the new reality

In 2007 and really most of 2008, Auto Financing was a breeze, an abundance of first time buyer programs. There was a finance package for all credit tiers.

That was then and this is now. Auto Finance is still available to nearly everyone but, the banks have tightened their lending belts and are a bit more frugal than in the past. Rates are very good right now for top credit tiers. For those with less than perfect credit, banks are still lending, they are jus requiring a bit more information and at times that dreaded down payment.

Whether you obtain financing on your own at your financial institution or have the dealership obtain financing for you, auto loans are still available.

If you have doubts or questions about obtaining a loan for your next car, get ahold of me, I’ll help any way I can.

So exactly what is my trade worth?

The trade, oh the dreaded trade. That is    everyone biggest fear in negotiating a purchase.

How a dealership comes to that number is a process, not complicated, but a process. It starts with your salesperson doing a trade appraisal on your vehicle, with you present to answer any questions. He or she then turns the appraisal sheet into the dreaded sales manager. The sales manager or in some cases the used car manager will walk around you trade and check for wear and tear, he will probably drive it as well. All he is looking for are items that may need reconditioning that will make it marketable on his used car lot. Not to rebuild it new but just take out the rough edges. Then he will pull a Kelley Blue book, a NADA book and finally an auction report. While the Kelley and NADA most of us are familiar with, the auction report will report how many vehicles the same or similar to yours ran through the auction and what the sold for. It includes make, model, miles and the location (major city) it was sold in. The auction report is what your car is really worth because that is what one like yours can be purchased for……….but into the equation goes reconditioning and marketing costs and finally an advertising allowance. So the car dealership buys or takes trade at wholesale and sells at retail.

It’s mind-boggling even to a person in the business and to keep it simple I usually just tell folks, the one you’re looking at costs too much, you never get enough for your trade and the payments are usually too much for too long. But, if you really like the car you are looking at and it will suit your needs, everything else will fall into place.

So tell me, what are you driving now?